Art in the Home: Stunning Sculptures

Eric Grossman, Mansion Global, November 19, 2020

Art lovers and collectors looking to make a statement and shake up the dynamic of their home design often consider expanding their personal collections to incorporate fine sculptures from contemporary artists. Yet bringing sculpture into the home brings untold challenges, and the medium presents logistical hurdles not typically associated with conventional paintings and the like.


Maren Kloppmann (b. 1962), a German artist living and working in Minneapolis, creates porcelain wall sculptures inspired by architectonic shapes and biomorphic patterns. According to her artist statement, her objective is to transform the perception of space through the interaction of shape and light; she accomplishes this by combining traditional ceramic techniques with ideas referencing Minimalism and Modernism.

Ms. Kloppmann’s pieces add drama to their wall setting, drawing on the contrast between colored glazes and creating unique geometries. Her works lend a duality to any backdrop, an elegant balance—or, in the artist’s words, “a visual confluence of serendipity and precision, where intuition and intention intersect.” “We have had the pleasure of creating with her commissioned artwork of ceramic wedges perfectly sized to the built space,” said Suzanne Lovell, CEO of Suzanne Lovell Inc., a Chicago-based architectural interior design firm specializing in luxury residential projects.


As one of the most influential living artists in Decorative Arts, the French-Swedish artist Ingrid Donat (b. 1957) is best known for her sculptured bronze furniture pieces, which explore the interaction between the sophistication of Art Deco and the force of Tribal Art. Her creations, which take a painterly approach to the medium of bronze, draw upon a diverse range of decorating influences to elicit warmth, vitality and texture. Many of Ms. Donat’s pieces are particularly effective for providing a striking focal point to otherwise stark, minimally decorated spaces.


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